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Custom-Built Desktop Computers:

Advent Computers provides our clients with custom-built computers that are configured to YOUR personal specifications. Since our computers are not built until the customer has ordered one (or more!), you don't have to worry about your computer being built with parts that have been sitting on a shelf somewhere gathering dust.

Purchasing an Advent Computers custom-built computer means that you will get exactly the computer YOU want, not a computer built the way somebody else has decided you want.
All Advent Computers custom-built computers are assembled using industry-standard parts. This means that any part from any Advent Computer can be replaced with any other industry-standard part from any computer manufacturer. No worrying about having to order a replacement part from some warehouse across the country (or around the world) because that is the only part that will work with that specific computer.

Advent Computers also purcahses only computer parts for our custom-built computers that have a 3-YEAR warranty from the manufacturer. That means you can purchase an Advent Computers custom-built computer with confidence in knowing your computer is protected from any equipment failure for 3 full years.

And if the unfortunate occurs, and your Advent Computers custom-built computer actually would need service, you have the confidence of knowing you can return your Advent Computer custom-built computer DIRECTLY to Advent Computers. Advent Computers performs ALL copmuter repairs in our on-site workshop, so you do not have to sit around and wait while your computer is shipped off to a "regional repair center", where it will be just one of numerous other computers waiting for service from "the next available technician".

Another bonus in purchasing an Advent Computers custom-built computer is knowing if you have any questions regarding the operation of your computer, or a situation occurs that your would like answers for, you can call Advent Computers during regular business hours, and you can talk with a LIVE technician, who has EXPERT and PERSONAL knowledge of your Advent Computers custom-built computer, and also has EXCELLENT command of the English language.